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The Cheetah SR1 D Sports Racer is a high-tech purpose built race car. Designed to conform to the Sports Car Club of America's D Sports Racing rules, the Cheetah sports an aluminium space-frame chassis and a fibreglass body. The space-frame chassis was designed by info Sunseri using the latest in computer aided design technology.

With 10 National wins in 1998 and the 1998 DSR National Championship, the Cheetah has been recognized as the top DSR chassis in the country. The SR1 uses double wishbones at the front and twin paralell link lower control arms at the rear, with outboard shocks at both ends. The Cheetah has a removable space frame that allows it to use motorcycle (Kawasaki or Honda) or automotive (Nissan, Mazda) engines.

Roller Chassis are available starting at approx. $45,000. Please contact info Sunseri for more information or to place your order now.

info Sunseri, 380 Martin Avenue #3, Santa Clara, CA, 95050
(408) 492-1331 (408) 492-1333 (Fax)
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